Who am I?

I am an accredited and certified consultant with a Masters in Coaching, Supervision and Organizational Consulting. Combined with my many years of management experience as Global Head, National Managing Director and Board Member in the life science industry, together with my previous practical and scientific work as a physician in the fields of surgery, internal medicine and cardiology, I accompany and support organizations and executives strategically and operationally with learning -, change and development processes, especially in team development and conflict management.

I draw my strength and inspiration from a suitable interaction and mutual enrichment of professional and private life. I am married and have three children. I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends. I like hiking in the beautiful Lower Engadine, love many ball sports, cycling, skiing, traveling and reading. The sea, sand and beach also serve me from time to time as a complementary source of energy.

First and foremost, I am personally at your side. Depending on the scope of the order and the size of the participants, I can draw on a productive network of competent partnerships, which I would of course introduce to you in advance when needed.

How do I work?

As a consultant, I can listen actively and impartially, pursue a clear clarification of the task and agree on understandable goals. In this regard, I develop the consulting process, the architecture and design of which I tailor to the customer's needs and bring in the appropriate methods and tools accordingly.

I act openly and transparently, strictly confidentially, loyally and impartially. I attach great importance to building a trusting relationship with my clients and see myself as a sparring partner on an equal footing. Based on my broad consulting practice and management experience, I am committed to asking the right questions precisely.

My values

As a BSO member, the professional association's criteria for coaching, supervision and organizational consulting for the highest professional ethics and quality in consulting are binding for me.

Innovative and agile, built on a solid foundation of values, I support and accompany my clients on the way to finding optimal solutions.

In doing so, I have and show equal respect, respect and appreciation for all my fellow human beings with all their diversity, in their full integrity (personality boundaries, personal responsibility, freedom of choice).