Team Development

Today's managers must be able to rely on a powerful and motivated, interdisciplinary team at all times. Increasing competition, time and cost pressure make regular, efficient exchange and goal-oriented teamwork more difficult.

When it comes to important topics such as vision, mission, strategy development, realignments, change management, focus on core competencies and optimization of operational business, the inside view can be clouded. An outside perspective is helpful and useful here.

My national and international management experience taught me that every team is unique and requires an individual approach. That's why I work closely with your team management or a steering board. Together we will develop a program tailored to your specific needs. The appropriate methods are always used.

Example of a workshop (Management and Board Delegation)

1. Welcome and introduction

2. Ice Breaker activity

3. Plenum task on pin board

4. Moderated plenary discussion

5. Coffee Break

6. Tasks in working groups

7.Presentation of the working groups in the plenum and discussion

8. Lunch Break

9. Team Building activity

10. Moderated plenary discussion

11. Coffee Break

12. Plan of action, responsibilities and next steps

13.Feedback round

14. Close of meeting



"Robert accompanied me and my team over a period of 3 months, in which we successfully adjusted our governance and structure after a merger. We were able to benefit from his extensive global experience with restructuring. He was able to provide us with excellent support, our own to develop solutions. At our express request, he also specifically incorporated his enriching experience as Global Head of a large pharmaceutical company."

Regional Head, Life Sciences Company, Central Switzerland